Asset Management

Preserve cash flow and build value through effective management.

Our management philosophy embraces healthy tenant relations, earnest communication and at-ready strategies to preserve cash flow and build & protect asset value. Many commercial assets are under performing, often the result of a natural cause & effect in the market that can be difficult for owners to identify and correct. By closely monitoring the market, implementing management & leasing techniques and utilizing capital strategies we can help owners realize better returns to their investment. Our broad perspective of a property's position in the market is essential for analyzing asset performance and our knowledge & experience can deliver optimal performance.

Center Investments Inc. has a proven track record for improving the economic performance and market value of the properties we manage. We are proud of our reputation with owners and retail & office tenants as a fair and responsive landlord for more than 40 years. As a leading management company of commercial properties in North Central Washington, Center Investments Inc. has experienced staff with the specialized skill set, professional contacts and administrative capabilities to smoothly transition your property assets into our management portfolio.